Pod Gods Network

The Greatest Independent PODcast Network

So you want to become a POD GOD? Well it is easy.......

The POD GODS Network is looking for other Podcasts to join our line up of already Awesome shows. We are looking for shows that can help continue to build on the brand and get the #PODGODS Name out there even more.

There are simple steps in order to become a POD GOD

1) Your Podcast must still be going. We can't accept shows that have ended, due to end soon or not regularly recorded. We are looking for shows that have a schedule and release shows regularly so the network too can be promoted and vice versa. This means Weekly, Bi-Weekly or even Monthly. As Long as the Show is regular then that's good enough.

2) Your Podcast show must NOT be associated with another Network. At this time the Pod Gods are looking for Podcasts that can solely affiliate themselves to the Network. This would include playing a POD GODS tag at the start of your show. We have a specially made Tag to play at the start of your show BUT if you want to make your own that says "This Podcast is part of the POD GODS Network..." that would be fine.

3) You must allow yourself to play out ONE promo from another POD GOD in your show. Every show will do this and promote one another. Whether you play this Promo at the start, middle or end, it is up to you.


4) You must be open to sharing other #PodGods shows on Social Networking. Re tweet other #PodGods, Interact with other shows on the network and start some cross promoting, Share other Shows links regularly to keep the stream alive with #PodGods

The More you promote other Pod Gods, the more they will Promote you.

So that's it! Simple as that. As a Network we are not asking to take over your show, all we ask in return for Network promotion is a few things. We are all in this together and want to help you get the best out of your podcast. The More you promote one another, the more your show will benefit.

If you want to become a POD GOD please fill out the form below, or alternatively Tweet us @PodGods 

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