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7 Days a Geek : Movie in a Week Challenge

In April of 2013 Jason Parsons, The Host of S7even Days a Geek Podcast, set a Challenge to his Twitter Followers and beyond. The Challenge was to write, film and edit a Short Film in 7 Days. All the participants had a few rules to follow including the Genre and a vague outline of a story.

Here are the finished films for you all to enjoy.

Please Leave a comment on each video's You Tube Page if you like. Would be great to great your reviews on each film. 

Until Next time.........

Shadow Company Films Presents: Ten Little Indians

How far would you go to find an abducted woman and put an end to a serial killer's reign of terror?

Director: Colonel John Matrix

Written by: Colonel John Matrix & Joey P. Brenner

Starring: Colonel John Matrix, John P.Brenner and Dutch


Abbi Grasso Presents: Criminal

"The town of Dodge has been plagued by two different Criminals. One is the pot growing, smart mouthed vlogger, known as Mary Jane Doe the other: a killer who has claimed 41 lives, nick-named the truth or dare killer by the media. The twisted game he plays becomes interesting however, when he kidnaps Mary Jane and her Vlogging equipment. 
Director: Abbi Grasso
Written by : Abbi Grasso
Starring: Abbi Grasso and Boots Pants

#NOTlistening Studios Presents: Survival of The Podcasters

A Group of Podcasters are met with strange goings on after a Note is sent to them after recording. One by One they are met with something sinister.

Director: Adam Barker

Written By: Adam Barker

Starring: Ash Brown, Billy Cutmore, Marcus Hurley and Adam Barker


InnerCityGeeks Productions Presents : The BOSS

Two people are trapped a room together and soon find out their connection.
Directed by: Steven Salvador 
Written by: Steven Salvador & Rene Alvarado
Starring: Alex Nunez, Priscilla Ortiz and Mario Kusakabe 
@InnerCityGeeks  @MisterJackal

Monkey Poo Studios Presents: Buried Alive ( Teaser Trailer )

A Teaser Trailer for an upcoming Short Movie from Jason Parsons. 

Director: Jason Parsons

Written By: Jason Parsons

Starring: Grant ( TK1 )


Shameless Plug Studios Presents: Mores

This short film is about a man who witness a murder and is consequently kidnapped by the murderer and at the same time he is wanted by the police who believe he is the murderer.  

Director: Jeanie 

Written by: Renee

Starring: Tony, Renne, Don and Jeanie